Reputable AC Company Repair near Cleveland and Dayton TX

Although we strongly recommend calling Crye AC for any air conditioning or heating needs, there are many other  AC companies that service these areas as well. We do not have any formal partnership or affiliation with any of these Air Conditioning companies, but we do hear things from our community and our customers and want to pass that information along. This is a collection of what we hear about these companies in passing. Scroll down to see more of these companies such as Deweys Just Chill’n. AC Company.

Dewey’s Air Conditioning

Dewey’s AC  is an AC company based out of Tarkington. There office is off of 787 near 2518. Dewey AC is a family business and has faithfully serviced this area for many years.

Just Chill’n

Just Chillin and Don Guillot have successfully serviced this area and the surrounding areas for many years. We are told that they do great with customer service.

Air Tech Solutions

Air Tech Solutions Services more towards the Dayton and Baytown area but they don’t turn down calls farther north. They, like so many on this list, provide excellent service.

Cucco’s Air Conditioning and Heating

Cucco’s Air Conditioning & Heating is based out of Dayton Texas. Cuccos AC repair is another family business that is very involved in the community and has a long history of quality work.

Pleasant Air

Pleasant Air is based out of Cleveland Texas. They have been in Cleveland for many years and have contributed greatly to the development of Cleveland.

Integrity Air Solutions

Integrity Air is rated highly in our area, and although we don’t hear about them much, we appreciate that they value integrity enough to name their company after it.

Here are a few other companies that service our area. We don’t have a lot of information about them.

Dayton Electric from Dayton

Henscey Electric and AC from Dayton

Gore Air Conditioning from Dayton

Bay Air Conditioning from Dayton

Raymark from Kingwood

Kingwood Air Solutions from Kingwood



Note- Some companies may have been left off this list. This is likely because we have not interacted with them yet.

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Deweys Just Chill’n