AC Install in Dayton Tx, AC install in Liberty Tx, AC install in Cleveland Tx.

AC Install in Dayton Tx, AC install in Liberty Tx, AC install in Cleveland Tx.

The residence of Dayton are very knowledgeable and talented. We have seen them repair cars on the side of the road. We have seen them do amazing things. But one thing that we don’t recommend is installing a new AC system by your self.

What local company can you trust?

The big questions with any major purchase or serious investment is who can you trust. How can you differentiate between company a b or c? Here are some basic questions you should ask any HVAC contractor when receiving an estimate:

  1. What extra care or practice do you have in place to make sure that my system lasts as long as possible? At Crye AC we do two very specific things that not every company does. in fact we are in the minority as far as taking care of these to items. 1. We braze all copper with nitrogen. By flowing nitrogen we keep particles and dust from being created on the interior of the line set and creating a restriction when we braze. 2. We we don’t kink line sets and even go as far as replace sections that have been kinked by other companies.
  2. Do you have insurance and are you a licensed contractor? Crye AC is both insured and licensed. You can trust that we know what we are doign and in the rarest occasion where something goes wrong you are protected.
  3. Warranty? How long do you guarantee not only the parts but also the labor warranty.
  4. What’s included? Is removal of old equipment included? Condenser pad? Thermostat? Crye AC will give you  a list of exactly what is included in your bid.

AC install Dayton
ac installation dayton Tx


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