AC Repair, Service, and Installation in Hardin Tx.

Great news! Crye Air Conditioning Services regularly repairs, services, and replaces AC and Heating systems in Hardin Texas. Don’t over pay for some big city company to drive all the way out to Hardin and the surrounding areas when Crye AC provides quality service and repairs locally without charging any additional trip fees. Hardin Tx AC Repair.

Why Crye for Hardin Texas?

Crye AC has the resources of a big company. They have multiple trucks and employees. They service commercial and residential systems and our very knowledgeable in all aspects of keeping your house comfortable. Although they have these resources and skills, they are friendly, considerate, and honest people. When you do business with Crye AC you get the perfect mix of big company knowledge and experience mixed with the care and focus of a small company.

AC Repair Hardin TX

One thing we know about the people of Hardin Texas is that they are hard working. We love that about them. That being said, let us try and help you fix your AC system and maybe save your self a little bit of money. Now just to be clear, it is always safest to let a trained professional handle any AC issue, but some minor problems can be fixed without a formal HVAC education. Again, Crye AC is not responsible for any damage to your system by following some of our tips, and Crye AC is also not responsible for any injury or harm to any person.

When self diagnosing an AC issue you may want to start by checking to see if the issue is an electrical, refrigerant, or air flow issue. Start by checking to see if your thermostat has power, the indoor fan is blowing, the outdoor fan is blowing, and the compressor is pumping (feel the copper lines to tell if refrigerant is moving inside them). If one of these is not working check your breakers first and then we recommend calling a professional at 8323185293. The next easiest thing to check is air flow issues. Check for major leaks at the air handler. Make sure the door is on the unit and the plenums are attached. Check your filters to make sure they aren’t dirty. Also, if possible, look at your coils and make sure they aren’t dirty either. If the air flow seems fine you likely have a refrigerant issue. Unfortunately, even if you could diagnosis what the refrigerant issue is, without gauges and training it would  be nearly impossible to fix on your on. Some common problems include: low charge, over charged, restrictions, non consumables, bad metering devices, or high head pressures.