AC Repair in Cleveland Tx. Air Conditioning repair or service in Cleveland Tx.

System not working properly?

Is the air coming out of your vents no longer cold? Is the velocity or pressure of the air coming out decreasing over time or maybe not coming out at all? Does your heater seem to not be able to keep up on the really cold nights? Is your electricity bill seem higher than the normal for people in your living situation?  AC repair in Cleveland

If you answered yes to any of those questions you may be in need of  some expert advise from a qualified tech.

So now what do you do for AC repair in Cleveland?

As a resident of the area I sometimes feel like I have to go into Humble, Kingwood, or at least New Caney to get good repairs or work done when my car or appliance breaks down. But to be honest, that isn’t the case. There are plenty of quality people and companies right here in our back yard that are profeesional and deliver quality products and services at reasonable and even great prices. AC repair is no different. Crye AC does great AC repair in Cleveland Tx. Don’t get charged extra for distance. Call the local company that is doing things the right way.

What makes Crye AC the got to AC Repair company in Cleveland Texas?

Crye AC does AC repair, AC Installs, AC replacements, and AC service different from the big box stores that only care about money, and different from the little 2 guys  in a truck company that is not very good at their work. Below is a list of our favorite things that make us different than other AC companies:

  1. We care: We care can mean a lot of things. Yes we care about making money, but we care about other things a lot more. We care about integrity. We care about your family and their individual and specific needs. We care about doing things the right way and not cutting corners. We care about investing in the proper tools ad personnel to get the job done effectively. We ultimately care about doing the right thing.
  2. We aren’t a big company:  We have a decent size operation and we are growing very fast still but our customers don’t get lost in all the concerns of every day. You can expect a follow up text after we leave to verify that we have done our job effectively.
  3. We are local: The money you spend at Crye AC stays right here in our community. Our kids play ball in this area. We shop in this area. We care about Cleveland and are excited for its growth. We want to be apart of making sure the local income doesn’t get shipped off to help other communities far away when we could use all of it as we are developing. Our schools and local government need assistance and doing business with us will make that happen.

How to use the HVAC Troubleshooter. 

ac repair Cleveland Tx
Cleveland AC repair

What we believe are the 5 most important questions to ask when hiring an AC contractor.

  1. Are they licensed and insured?  All techs and installers do their best to not step through a ceiling, flood an attic, or catch something on fire, but even the most careful companies need insurance in case something happens. If they aren’t insured the homeowner often ends up paying for it. 
  2. What are you doing to make my new AC system last as long as possible? The most important factor in how long a system lasts is not the equipment but the effort and quality of the installation itself. A few of the things we do  at Crye AC are: braze with nitrogen to avoid restrictions, cut out and replace any kinks or near kinks we find, and fix all air leaks.
  3. What is included with my estimate price? Be sure  to get in writing what is included. Some things that are important to look for are: condenser pad, insulation on suction line, new thermostat (if you want one), removal of old equipment, charging the system, connecting drain lines, pressure testing and running a vacuum. 
  4. What labor and equipment warranty are included? Most equipment comes with a 10 year warranty if the equipment is registered. Be sure to verify that your contractor is going to register the equipment. Labor warranty varies by company and is often negotiable. At Crye AC we offer a 2 or 5 year warranty but 1 year is the minimum that should be included.
  5. What are your professional recommendations? We appreciate when customers do their research and make an educated decision about equipment, but be sure to ask the contractor what they recommend as well. They know the equipment forward and back and are often more up to date with AC technology than the average website. Don’t blindly follow them, but ask their opinion, ask them why their opinion is what it is. They may just try and sell you a more expensive unit, but at least hear them out.

I hope this has been helpful. Please like us at Crye AC so you can find this video if you ever need to hire an HVAC contractor in the future. Also give us a call next time you need AC work  done, an estimate made, or a second opinion.

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