Duct Work Repair in Cleveland, Tx.

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Don’t just go back with the same design when more efficient and cost effective option are out there. Whether its new construction, replacing old nasty duct work, or cutting out hard duct that is losing its insulation and is condensing on your ceiling call Crye AC for all your duct work needs.

The last time you had your system changed did they change the plenum?

One of the ways contractors cut costs is by not replacing supply plenums that are nasty and moldy. This can be dangerous to your family. Although ducts are often very dirty with mold, dirt, and dust we strongly recommend replacing plenums anytime duct work, air handlers, furnaces, coils, or full systems as the top priority.

Have you noticed a loss of air flow over time?

Although this could be due to a blower motor slowing down and dying over time, we often find that rodents will chew holes in plenums and duct work releasing the conditioned air into the attic. If you have heard little feet  crawling around above your head it may be time to call an exterminator and then have someone path or replace the sections of your duct work system that have been damaged. Losing air flow into the attic isn’t the only problem that may be caused from holes in your duct work. The biggest issue you may have is condensation and contamination of your air flow. The air in your attic isn’t clean and if the holes are in the return section of your duct work it could be pulling the dirt, insulation, and just nasty air from the attic into your system and through your vents. If a rodent has chewed up part of the insulation on hard duct or if it chewed a hole so that the cold air is blowing on metal it can cause lots of water damage.

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Duct Work Repair Cleveland Tx

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