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Adjust Air Flow

One of the advantages of having your duct system repaired or replaced is that we can adjust and modify air flow. Does it seem like some of your house gets colder than other parts, or hotter in the winter. We can install either a motorized dampened zoning system or manual dampers into your plenum and ducts that will reallocate the air correctly throughout the house. For a lot of customer they ask that we not evenly balance the air but instead give certain rooms a priority. It is common for homeowners to want more air to go to the master bedroom and less to kids rooms, or guest rooms. When we install the dampers it is as easy as pulling a lever to adjust air flow in any particular room.

Crye AC prides itself in high quality ductwork. When we redo an attic ductwork system it looks good and lasts for years. To the best of our ability we hang the duct work so you will have more attic storage space and better access to walk around under the hung ducts. In addition to the ducts themselves, we recommend and encourage you to replace you plenums every 10-15 years with your duct work. The  best time to do this is when you are having your duct work replaced or when your system is being replaced.

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