Crye Air Conditioning Services is the go to company for Mobile Home AC Repair, Install, or Service

AC repair on mobile homes is slightly different than normal AC repair. Although the principles of refrigerants stay the same, the equipment and terminology is very different for mobile homes, trailer homes, and manufactured homes. Split systems for mobile homes have a cabinet that is standard size that does not come with a  coil. They are manufactured with a blower motor and heat kit which is normally 10 or 15 kw heat. There is an industry standard for dimensions which makes it relatively easy to fit any brand coil into the cabinet as long as it is designed for a manufacture home. Although it is simple, it does take some experience and expertise to know exactly what needs to be done. That’s where Crye AC comes into the picture.

We are experienced with mobile home AC Repair and Installation

We often get called to inspect and repair AC issues on trailer homes and have come to be the local experts on the subject. We have cleaned, repaired, and worked on hundreds over the years and want you to know there isn’t much we have not seen before.


What is expected when I call Crye AC?

When you call Crye AC with any AC problem you will be greeted by our owner Jared Crye most of the time. He will listen to your situation and try and resolve your cooling or heating issue over the phone and save you money right out of the gate. If he (or whoever answers) decides it may be best for a tech to take a look we will schedule with you a time for one of our qualified and certified techs to come and investigate the issue further.

manufactured home ac repair and installation in cleveland Texas.


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