AC Repair in Tarkington Tx.

Both owners are graduates of Tarkignton High School and are passionate about serving our community. Our kids go to these schools, play in the local sports associations, and participate in all the local extracurricular activities. When you choose Crye AC you choose to support your own graduates and your own community at Tarkington.

As graduates from Tarkington I S D we know the area and the needs of our community. We know the back road names, we know the old families that have been around forever, we know the struggles. We want o help develop this area. We want to help save you on energy costs. We want to help keep Tarkington AC repair affordable.

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Go Horns.


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Hi I’m Jared Crye, owner of Crye Air Conditioning Services, and These are some characteristics that set us apart at Crye AC. 


  1. Integrity, We believe that doing the right thing is more important than making money.


  1. Quality of work,  At crye ac you know we wont cut corners and we will work hard to make sure it’s done the best way the first time


  1. Customer Service,  When it comes to AC there’s a lot of technical talk but we make sure our customers are informed and confident about all work being done


  1. Timely service, We want you to be comfortable in your home as soon as possible and will do our best to service your unit the same day. 


  1. Great prices, We know that no one looks forward to having to pay for AC services, we do our best to keep prices as low as they can be. 


Call or text us today about how we can help you feel cool.